How Did Iceland Get Its Name?


There is a myth that says Floki Vilgeroarson named the country in order to discourage the vikings from coming. In truth, it was named by Vilgeroarson after he sailed to the northern most parts where everything was icy. You can find more information
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According to legend Iceland was named by Hrafna-Flóki Vilgerðarson, one of the first Norse settlers that came to the island in the 9th century AD. He called Iceland after seeing a fjord full of drift ice.
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the currency is Króna or IKR but the translation for money is "peningur" or "fé"
According to legend, Erik the Red named Iceland and Greenland opposite
There are many volcanoes in Iceland. Eldfell, Grimsvötn and Hekla are some of the volcanoes!
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Iceland's original moniker was Snowland. It was given this name because of the immense stretch of icy landscape by Naddoddr. He was a Scandinavian sailor and the ...
Iceland's original name was Lýðveldið Island, which was replaced by its current name in 1944. Iceland's capital city is Reykjavik, which is home ...
Iceland got its name when a Scandinavian Floki Vilgerðarson sailed to the island and settled one winter. The winter was quite cold and when he spotted ...
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