How to Get a Wife to Sign Final Divorce Papers?


There is no way to get a wife to sign the final divorce papers if she doesn't want to. You just can't force someone to do something. You can ask a judge to enforce the divorce on grounds that she refuses to sign.
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1. Be flexible. Even though divorces are stressful, take your wife's suggestions into consideration when deciding what to put in the final divorce papers. Unless most the terms of
Go to court.
If she has been served with papers and doesn't the time allotted, he will have to proceed with a contested divorce. The wife will have to explain to the judge why he won't sign. Since
You hire an attorney and you fight it out in court, if you want out, and she refuses to negoiate a settlement, that is your only way to force the issue. Embed Quote
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When someone refuses to sign divorce papers, it can make things fairly difficult for the person wanting the divorce. While this does not mean that a divorce won't ...
If your spouse won’t sign the divorce papers, proceed with a contested divorce in court. The spouse will be served and court appearances will be scheduled. ...
You still have options if your husband won't sign divorce papers. You will have to wait for a court appearance date and explain your situation in front of a judge ...
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