Will a Magnet Stick to Sterling Silver?


A magnet will not stick to sterling silver. Because of this, you can use a magnet to test if your sterling silver is real or not.
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It is fake silver, just coated with what appears to be silver.
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They contain a fair amount of steel. Anonymous
Magnet attracts because of Nickel in our jewelry. Sterling Silver = 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other alloys, other alloys = nickel, copper, aluminium etc. It is the nickel as well
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Sterling silver is an alloy of sliver and usually copper. Silver by itself is too soft to be used for common useful items such as silverware. It is considered ...
A magnet does not stick to silver under most conditions. For this reason, some people use the 'magnet test' to determine whether a piece of silver or silver jewelry ...
It is fake silver, just coated with what appears to be silver. ...
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