What Words Begin With the Letter X?


There are actually more words that begin with X than people would think like: x-ray, xanthic acid, xanthine, xanthium, xanthoma, xenophobic, xeric and xerox just to name a few. You can find more information here:
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A is the first letter and a vowel in the basic modern Latin alphabet.
Apple, aardvark, and awesome are words that begin with the letter A. Amoeba, delta, and puma end with the letter A.
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Some are 'behind,below,between,best,better,bell and you can get more from a website or something.
unwrap. Some phrases are: under the tree. under the mistletoe.
The word 'sheet' can be made with the letters it took to spell 'these'.
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Words beginning with the letter x are quite unusual. Here is a list of some words that starts with letter x: xanthans, xanthate, xyst, xysts, xanthous, xanthin ...
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