How to Teach Short Vowel Sounds & Words.?


1. List the five short vowel sounds. The short vowel sounds are: ă as in man, ĕ as in wet, ĭ as in win, ŏ as in got, and ŭ as in up. 2. Think of a list of 10 simple words for each vowel sound. For example, if you are using the short "a" sound as in
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The word blog is actually a contraction or combination of the term "web log." You can, just about, blog anywhere these days like Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace among many,
Ant, apple, axe, arm.
Some examples of words that have the short a sound are: lack, fan,
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A variety of different words have a short U sound in them. A good example of this is the word jump. Another example is the word bug. Finally, the word run is yet ...
There are many words that begin with the short A sound, in fact almost all words that start with the letter A start with a short A sound. Some include apple, ant ...
Ugly is a word that has a short U sound. Other words with a shirt U in them are under, upward, umbrella, uncle, crumb, bun, Dutch and gun. ...
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