What are some words end with the suffix graph?


autograph. barograph. calligraph. digraph. epigraph. hectograph. ideograph. kymograph. lithograph. mimeograph. nomograph. oscillograph. paragraph. polygraph. radiograph. seismograph. telegraph. viewgraph.
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The suffixes -gram and -graph can mean something written or
1. Identify the three word parts of English words: roots, prefixes and suffixes. Show your students how the root word can be modified and changed by the addition of affixes. For example
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Suffixes are the parts of words tacked onto the end of a base word, such as -less, -ful, -er, -ing, -y, -ity, -let, -ment, etc. So if your base word is read and ...
Suffixes can be defined as morphemes added at the end of words to form derivatives. They serve to form new words and they function as inflectional endings. Some ...
The term suffix refers to an attachment or an affix that is added at the end of the word. This term can also be defined as a morpheme that is added at the end ...
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