How to Use a Wood Stove?


Wood stoves give off such a deep, radiant, wonderful heat. You must use a bit of caution when burning in a wood stove, though. Make sure your chimney is cleaned every year. Start your fire slowly, with small sticks (kindling), let the kindling burn
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Evaluate your home's floor plan to determine where you should install a wood stove. Some stoves can heat an entire house; others work best as zone heaters for the most-used areas.
1 Read the directions that came with your wood stove. Ad 2 Clean the stove, masonry and flues. If this is a new wood stove that has never been used, these areas should already be
Pellet-burning stoves do not burn wood. Rather, they burn pellets, which are made from bits of recycled waste, pulped wood and other materials. Pellets and pellets stoves are most
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Morso wood stoves are well known for their quality and elegance. You can determine if you have a Morso wood stove by taking measurements of the wood stove and ...
To use a wood stove find out which wood type your stove uses, follow the directions that come with that particular kind of stove. Place the wood in the stove and ...
You can blacken your wood stove by using a stove black. The first thing you need to do is thoroughly clean the stove of any food residue. Once the stove is clean ...
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