How to Minister To Young Teens?


Don't be the kid. Most adults feel they must try and sink down to the level of the kids to connect with them. This is a very bad technique. Teens will notice it right away. This will make them feel inferior and they will likely not listen. Instead
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1 Associate yourself with people with whom you feel comfortable. Find new friends that like to act like themselves, too. Also, try not to undersell yourself either, presenting a false
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Young teens smoke because they feel peer pressure to do so. When young teens pressure their peers to smoke a lot of them cave into the peer pressure and begin ...
Young teens can work in grocery stores, at the family business, in fast food restaurants, or by helping with odd jobs in their neighborhoods. ...
Young teens are affected by the media because they think that what they see portrayed on television in the news is how they should act. When they see people like ...
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