How to Say Welcome in Japanese?


The way to welcome someone in the Japanese language is "kangei," which obviously means "welcome." This is the romanization of the word in Japanese.
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Dou itashimashite (どういたしまして) is Japanese for You're Welcome.
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A common word for "welcome" as in "Welcome to ~ is 'youkoso. In shops and other locations, you would likely be welcomed by employees with 'irasshai(mase)
The word for welcome in Japanese is "youkoso." Thank you for using ChaCha. ChaCha!
The literal translation for "welcome" in Japanese is "yo u koso." Have more to translate? Ask anytime!
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'Welcome' in Japanese is 'youkoso'. Generally, all words have translations to various major languages in the word, and there are a number of websites that can ...
Youkoso is a generic way of saying 'you are welcome' in Japanese language. But, 'Irashairmase' is used during more formal conversations. ...
Are you trying to learn the way to say 'Welcome' in the Japanese language, as a way pf welcoming someone to your home. Well, just say 'kangei!' It's that easy. ...
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